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Newly Published Author. Motivational Speaker. Coach.


Mary Up is dedicated to the loving memory of our mother, Mary Ann Marie Lorick Taylor who taught us how to:

Run towards our dreams

Education is the key to rising above a limited mindset

Cling onto Faith

Yesterday is gone, but the future has more to offer

Christ is the answer to all our problems

Land a hand up to those in need

Everyone deserve love

Thank you, mother. May you Rest in Peace.


Pia McLean


Newly Published Author, Motivational Speaker and Coach, who has studied with the greats such as World Renown International Speaker Les Brown, Dr. Traci Lynn, Holton Buggs, John Maxwell and Lisa Nichols. Pia McLean is a transformational leader who has inspired thousands to achieve extraordinary results. Through her heartfelt stories and innovative projects, she recognized as a light of empowerment to all that experience her presence. In her coaching practice, 

she provides a safe environment and loves to connect 

with a diverse group of individuals. 

Pia firmly believes people should be like a "Bowl of Salad" where they are not made to be a "Melting Pot" but able to maintain their culture and identity. Her continued mission is to 

encourage others to be innovative in putting 

together the pieces of their own dreams.

This recycling book has a two-fold purpose. One is a human perspective and the other is a product produced from recycled material. We interviewed several amazing people for this project. The last intriguing question asked gave them an opportunity to relate to a recyclable product. This became the basis for each of the projects produced in this book, Mary Up. It is our hope that you receive lots of joy from developing your project from 

items seen in your everyday life. 


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